Here they come – The Most Wanted !!! Let’s see which number is on the pole position this week


Hello folks,

the spammer’s week has been a busy one and pretty unnerving as well. Blessed are those with nerves of steel. Nonetheless, there has been a change on the podium.

UK’s Most Wanted:

1. 01613128082 tellows Score 7 from Manchester
2. 01792763475 tellows Score 7 from Swansea
3. 01482408582 tellows Score 8 premium rate service

The pole position is still held by last weeks number one, a claims company based in Manchester. 2600 search requests and 13 comments indicate a high level of activity this week. The self-proclaimed department of justice is still in hot pursuit and claims 2nd place again. Newcomer on the podium is The Money Group whose calls triggered 1500 search requests and 4 comments.

Our User chrissie offered an adequate resonse to one of the scammers:

They rang me 09.12.11 saying I was due a refund from a previous loan. I said to the young man ‘Well that’s funny because I’ve never had a loan in my life,’ then he offered to tell me a joke as a good will measure. I said ‘I’ve already heard a joke thank you.’ It turned into a giggle.

Across the Atlatnic ocean scammer strategies seem not to be far different from those employed by fraudsters in the Old World. Let’s have a closer look:
1. 2142831316 tellows Score 9
2. 905488209664 tellows Score 7
3. 9722178347 tellows Score 9

All quiet on the Western front as far as the ranking of the Most Wanted is concerned. Unfortunately, the most annoying of them remains unidentified. The second place goes to the $1m lottery scam. Last but not least, the De Soto based Metro News Service, Inc grinds the peoples gears with repetetive calls.

Liam had quite a suprise waiting for him at home:

I was abroad the last week. upon my return my answering machince welcomed me dozen of recorded calls of silence from this number. I called back and as it turned out, it’s a phone company on the quest for increasing their sales.


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