Mind Your Tongue – America’s Most Wanted Spam and Scam Callers


Another week passed with all quiet on the landline front – at least in terms of change. The fraudsters remain as relentless as the weeks before. Beware, good folks of America… they are after you!!! Fortunately, thousands of honourable citizens stand out and oppose this unsolicited annoyance and provide the information needed warn the people prior the con.

Here are the results:

1. 6518293110 from St. Paul / Minnesota with a tellows score of 8

2. 2187242094 from Duluth with a tellows score of 6

3. 3233319189 from Los Angeles with a tellows score of 9

peter warned:

These people have been calling my phone for the past week at least three times a day all day long. They never leave a message. I called the number back to see who it was and the automated recording picked up and it said it was a company called teleresources, but nothing else about why they called

The St. Pauls number is an old vet in terms of nuisance calls. Their promises of wealth lure unaware citizens into fee-required subscriptions and leech their bank accounts dry. Unfortunately, we know only little about the number from Duluth, but thanks to peter we know at least the company name “teleresources”. Last but not least, a debt collection company intends to grind the people’s nerves to dust.

someone keeps on calling my job saying that they have information on me. and that they are going to have the police come out and get me. i told them that they are a scam and i am going to call the police regarding them keep on harrassing me at work. twice in one day other number was 508 202 7204, this one said i was involved in a hit and run. LIE i dont know how people can do this and do there best an try too scare people.

Take care, friends of tellows !!! Do not let them get you unawares !!!

Team tellows


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