Our new Top 3 of the most annoying telephone numbers


Following telephone numbers are our new Top 3 of the most annoying ones last week:

1. 234567890 from an unknown place with a tellows Score of 8
2. 5707068800 from Wayne with a tellows Score of 8
3. 6518293110 from Minnesota with a tellows Score of 8

All numbers of the Top3 were scored with an average of 8 but 234567890 were definitely the most annoying one. Users searched more than 600 times for this number. Julian35 tried to warn us:

A man with a heavy accent claimed to call from “Computer Support Department”. He wanted to fix my computer because he has a virus. I hung up then. Be careful with this number!

5707068800, our second place, comes from Wayne. Users Ryan and amy complained about the rudeness of the callers:


These people called and were very rude, I found out that this number belongs to American Credit & Collections in PA.


Now i try to call them back repeatedly and they just keep hanging up. Really ???? What kind of collections company is this???? VERY RUDE!

Our attentive users know our third place very well. It’s again 6518293110 from Minnesota. Still beware of this number and never give any information to them!

That’s it from the last 7 days. Have a nice weekend,

your tellows Team!


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