Same matter, different week: The new Top 3


Just before the weekend we would like to present you our new Top 3 of the most wanted telephone numbers on!

1.) 5707068800 from Wayne with a tellows Score of 8
2.) 6369251746 from an unknown place with a tellows Score of 9
3.) 6302881777 from Hinsdale with a tellows Score of 7

The previous weeks 2nd place is our winner today. 5707068800 from Wayne is still evaluated with a score of 8 and were searched almost 600 times now! Tellows-User Lea told us that she suspects a scam because of the following reason:

A man on the other end of the line asked for a guy named Eugen Jacobs. I dont know someone with this name and i have had this phone number for many years! So im quite sure that this is a scam!

Place 2 and 3 are a question of aggressive advertising. Place 2 goes to 6369251746 with a score of 9! User Jason identified the caller as the Pisa Group which is a telemarketing company:

A woman who answered the phone said they are the Pisa Group! I told her to remove me from their list, but nevertheless they called again!

Place 3 which goes to 6302881777 from Hinsdale has a tellows score of 7. Like place 2 we are dealing with an advertising telephone number. Erica declared:

That is the sales department from comcast! Only advertising!

So let’s hope that we won’t be harassed on the weekend!
Take care, your Tellows Team!


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