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The tellows Call Guideline – The right way to react on annoying call center assistants


Everyone who has already been called by telemarketers, knows how annoying such a call can be. Their only objective is to sell their products. They achieve this by asking cleverly formulated questions, which are usually set by a software.

By using the tellows Call Guideline you are well prepared for those nuisance calls. With these questions you turn the tables and give the call center assistants an extremely hard time. Additionally to the questions we left some blank space for you to write down the caller’s answers. Therewith, it is possible to ask the same questions during the call again and to check how serious the call actually is.
Just print the guideline and use it as a support whenever you reveive unsolicited calls. Optionally you can send the completed guideline to (in case of contacting please replace AT by @). The most amusing or helpful guidelines will be published in our blog.


3 Numbers That Harassed You The Most – Weekly Update


And here we go again with last week’s 3 most annoying spam numbers:

1. 0016466166770 from New York with a tellows score of 5
2. 3604615083 from Port Angeles with a tellows score of 7
3. 7574479265 from Norfolk with a tellows score of 8

Well, seems as if our campaign against the phone preacher was successful. There were no new reports on last week’s spam number 1. However, another candidate in the telemarketing scam business took its place. There were reports about the green card scam going on over this number. But obviously the aim of these calls turned out to be phishing.

User Patt wrote the following comment weeks ago already:

She (Amely Johnson) called me and told me I HAVE WON A GREEN CARD LOTTERY and I have to pay $500. She even asked my VISA or Master Card number.

Rank two goes to an automated dialer of a company situated in Port Angeles that is giving silent calls. So we can be curious with what kind of offers the number is going to amuse people all over the country.

And another phishing number on rank 3, which is not only calling but also texting in order to gain confidential personal information. User TH3 wrote a helpful comment:

Text sd Please contact 7574479265 BofA 435603XX Card Issue. I don’t have a BofA card. Sounds fishy to me

Thank you for providing us with the worst spam and scam numbers! Together, we are strong!

Take care,
Your Tellows Team


Weekly Top 3 Annoying Spammers & Scammers


Here are the top 3 most annoying phone numbers of this week:
1. 8003187853 toll-free number with a tellows score of 7
2. 3604615083 from Port Angeles with a tellows score of 7
3. 7162625942 from Rochester with a tellows score of 8

The crazy preacher business phone is back on rank 1! Oh my Gosh, are you sure this is what the Almighty told you to do? And who is going to save us from the spam preacher? The toll-free number appeared in our Top 3 ranking before. But this time it even made it on rank one. We call it: unbelievable!!!

Recent comment on the number by donna:

left me the same message creepy how do the assume i have hardships that require their interference i know where my church is

The second rank goes to a number that most probably belongs to an illegal, but yet very active telemarketer. We do not have much information on the spammer yet and therefore hope that Tellows users will provide us with more facts.

The goal of the scammers behind the number 7162625942 is to encourage consumers to buy sponsor offers, promising consumers they would get a gift card in return. Of course, this turns out to be a scam and either the worth of the sponsor offers is much less than the gift card or the consumers do not get any such card at all.

user Gomatthi reported:

Received a text message saying “Congratulations on winning $500 Target card. Click now Claim your card now!

We are very glad you did not fall for it!

We count on your cooperation in the struggle against spam and scam!

Take care,
Your Tellows Team


The Neverending Ring – Spamming and Scamming is Their Creed for They are the UK’s and USA’s MOst Wanted!!!


As weeks fly by we grow weary of all those nuisance calls yet they seem only to increase in number and in strength. PPI claims and sweepstakes dominate their useless talk and their sweet whispers of great deals only cause nausea and a sudden urge to recap what we had for dinner. The authories remain idle and we have to fend off the Most Wanted Spam and Scam calls from the UK and USA.

Here the UK’s Most Wanted:

1. 01872277700 form Truro with a tellows score of 8
2. 01613126506 from Manchester with a tellows score of 8
3. 01172090021 from Bristol with a tellows score of 7

UNBELIEVABLE !!! The Manchester PPI company has been dethroned! The Truro based loan company and its agents paramounted even the annoying Manchester champion dwarfed its Bristol competitors.

Our user Mark commented:

These are a dodgy loan company! I applied for a loan before university in 2002 and they still pester me! They are mugs as well, the only thing they are good for is shouting abuse at. Me friend actually signed up and they took £80 from his account and then said he got declined for a loan! Disgusting!!

Let’s see how’s life across the Atlantic Ocean.

1. 3605296156 from Washington with a tellows score of 9
2. 6518293110 from Minnesota with a tellows score of 8
3. 2132615790 from Los Angeles with a tellows score of 8

All quiet on the Western Front. Apart from an increase in annoyed people the American spammers and scammers enjoyed a splendid week of exciting harassments and frauds. If you hope to disrupt their amusement spread the information on those numbers or make it your amusement

Annoyed reported:

I received the exact same script call with the exception of the attorney’s name and the phone number originated from. Here’s the call:

Just got a call from this number. Woman said, “We need your attorney’s information.” I said, “What are you talking about?” to which she stated, “Are you aware you have a lawsuit and charges being filed against (stated my name and social security number) and told me to call back 1-323-513-8685 and ask for their attorney Michael Carcer and he would explain everything.
I kept asking whom she worked for and she kept saying Legal Fees. This number showed up on my caller ID as Los Angeles, CA. None of this sounded correct so I checked out here first. As I was checking I called the number and a recording says it is “no longer in service.” So, 1) this is the same Indian call center that was calling me about a month ago to give me an auto loan I never applied for and who has my information (scary), 2) the incoming number was spoofed, and 3) this is most definitely a scam. I will turn them over to FCC and State Attorney’s office if they call me again

Take Care !!!

The tellows Team


Ring Ring – Who’s there? Alas! It’s the Week’s Most Wanted of the USA’s and UK’s Spam and Scam Phone Numbers. Don’t Worry, We’ll Hold the Line!


As the weeks fly by the scammers and spammers of the world continue to harass the common folk without mercy. Their furious charge into the midst of our private lives leaves our domestic peace shaken and prone to a nervous collapse. As we struggle to keep our tempers in check the authorities measures to tackle the unsolicited intrusions remain quasi non-existent. Hence, we need to help ourselves.

Here are the UK’s Most Wanted:

1. 03333440125 from a Premium Rate Service with a tellows score of 7
2. 02920822696 from Cardiff with a tellows score of 8
3. 01268297656 from Basildon with a tellows score of 7

In terms of annoyance last week’s premium rate service number is still top of the notch. However, Basildon was demoted to 3rd place by Cardiff’s mobile contract hunter. Nonetheless, Opus Credit did also quite a good job for you obviously still despise them.

annoyed! commented:

Despite being asked to remove my number from their database they seem to be refusing even though I am registered with TPS… cant anything be done??

Unfortunately, the great Atlantic isn’t the barrier it used to be. People in the USA suffer the same nuisance calls as their English counterparts.

1. 2142831316 from Dallas with a tellows score of 9
2. 2124485501 from New York with a tellows score of 6
3. 2816701528 from Houston with a tellows score of 5

Mr Nelson commented:

I let my fax machine answer such calls I don’t know who they are.. But I would like these calls to stop..

Debt collector’s, a wannabe university and an unindentified number. What else is there to say? It seems the American and British authorities successfully ignore the crimes of a few and the needs of many. Nonetheless, life goes on … and we’ll hold the line!

Take Care !!!

The tellows Team


The Ring of the Most Wanted – Dreadful and Wicked They come as They Please and Spoil What’s left of our Peace. Here They Call again – The Villainous Most Wanted Spam and Scam Numbers of the USA and UK


They call without mercy and have no regrets. Politeness and Modesty are seldom their virtues and their continious radiation of spam corrodes even the most hardened nerves of steel. How do we stop them? We must identify their trickery before they can employ their ways of deception succesfully. They may be only the tip of the iceberg but here they are, The Most Wanted of the UK:

1. 01613128082 tellows score 7 from Manchester
2. 01792455426 tellows score 8 from Swansea
3. 01613128035 tellows score 8 from Manchester

Well, Well, Well, guess who’s first and who’s second. The Duo Fatale from Manchester and Swansea hold their positions but welcome a third player to the party. ETA Claims from Manchester were effective in harassing people as our user “yve” states:

Driving me mad on my mobile, as I’ve not answered, the calls go to answerphone which obviously costs me to phone, but they never leave a message. Phoning me at least 4/5 times a day.

Across the globe our friends in the US of A don’t fare any better:

1.5852477707tellows score 7 from New York
2.8669367667tellows score 8 a toll free service
3.5165223472tellows score 7 from Garden City

He calls several times in the day n night. He text nude photos. If u ignore he stops for a while then changes his number and starts again. Other numbers used and reported 9172618481& 5164104735. Don’t meet with this man he is sick. Call the police

The USA Most Wanted excessively entertain the habbit of harrassing people day and night on automated terms. Once you successfully blocked a number they will obtain a new one and start with renewed vigor. Unfortunately we do not know much about these Spam numbers, so…

If you have any information on the above mentioned numbers share them with the community! Help us help you!

Take Care !!!

The tellows Team


The Malicious Three – The Most Wanted and Most Unwelcome Spam and Scam Numbers of the UK and USA


Hello folks,

The first weeks of the year experienced a significant rise in search requests for spam and scam telephone numbers. As it seems the callcentre agents used the Christmas holidays effectively and refreshed themselves, so they may harass people with renewed ferosity. Here are the UK’s Most Wanted:

1. 01613128082 tellows score 7 from Manchester
2. 01792455426 tellows score 8 from Swansea
3. 01477535545 tellows score 8 from Holmes Chapel


This company has called me daily for the last 2 weeks – even on saturdays. They have never left a message so I answered a call from them on Saturday to see what they wanted. They are3 selling PPI compensation. after the girl had tried to engage me in chat about how my day was going, she finally explained the reasons for her call. I informed her that I have never had loan protection and asked to be removed from their call list. I have still be phoned everyday since. I just recieved another call (evening this time) by quite simply the most unprofessional telesales person ever. When he told me he was calling about my loan, I asked what loan to which he replied “that’s what you are supposed to be telling me”. When I told him I had had no loans he just put the phone down. Steer clear of this bunch of tossers.

What an unpleasant supprise! The Manchester claims company holds the pole position in the first ranking of the year. On its heels a yet to be identified number from Swansea saves second place. Bronze goes again to the number from Holmes Chapel. Let’s have a look acorss the Atlantic ocean:

1. 4242281204 tellows score 8 from California
2. 7188416490 tellows score 9 from New York
3. 7036628358 tellows score 7 from Dulles

Our user John wrote:

Very suspicious. Only wanted to speak with my wife for her “prize”

Spammers and Scammers are pretty busy on both sides on the ocean. If you have any information on the numbers mentioned above, share it with the harassed!

Take Care !!!

The tellows Team


Here they come – The Most Wanted !!! Let’s see which number is on the pole position this week


Hello folks,

the spammer’s week has been a busy one and pretty unnerving as well. Blessed are those with nerves of steel. Nonetheless, there has been a change on the podium.

UK’s Most Wanted:

1. 01613128082 tellows Score 7 from Manchester
2. 01792763475 tellows Score 7 from Swansea
3. 01482408582 tellows Score 8 premium rate service

The pole position is still held by last weeks number one, a claims company based in Manchester. 2600 search requests and 13 comments indicate a high level of activity this week. The self-proclaimed department of justice is still in hot pursuit and claims 2nd place again. Newcomer on the podium is The Money Group whose calls triggered 1500 search requests and 4 comments.

Our User chrissie offered an adequate resonse to one of the scammers:

They rang me 09.12.11 saying I was due a refund from a previous loan. I said to the young man ‘Well that’s funny because I’ve never had a loan in my life,’ then he offered to tell me a joke as a good will measure. I said ‘I’ve already heard a joke thank you.’ It turned into a giggle.

Across the Atlatnic ocean scammer strategies seem not to be far different from those employed by fraudsters in the Old World. Let’s have a closer look:
1. 2142831316 tellows Score 9
2. 905488209664 tellows Score 7
3. 9722178347 tellows Score 9

All quiet on the Western front as far as the ranking of the Most Wanted is concerned. Unfortunately, the most annoying of them remains unidentified. The second place goes to the $1m lottery scam. Last but not least, the De Soto based Metro News Service, Inc grinds the peoples gears with repetetive calls.

Liam had quite a suprise waiting for him at home:

I was abroad the last week. upon my return my answering machince welcomed me dozen of recorded calls of silence from this number. I called back and as it turned out, it’s a phone company on the quest for increasing their sales.


The tellows Score – What is it and what does it do?


tellows score 1-9Essentially tellows percieves itself as a voice for the victims of spam and scam calls. Not only does tellows provide a platform where users can exchange their experience and knowledge but also tellows offers the opportunity to rate the telephone numbers in order to mark dubious numbers so their fraudulent ways will become obvious for everyone. A tellows score of 1 indicates a reliable number whereas a rating of 9 implies a most dubious number. The more negative comments, the higher the numbers rating. The score itself is hereby provided by an complex and extensive algorithm that considers various factors and user opinions in order to categorize the nature of the call adequately. Therewith, it allows all tellows users to spot the trustworthiness of the telephone number in an heartbeat.

tellows score

If you have knowledge of a dangerous number we implore you to share it with your fellows who suffer the same unnerving calls. After all, it is knowledge that prevents the scammers’ and fraudsters’ success!

Other tellows Features

By accessing the tellows website or directly in the iPhone or Android app, you can find out who called, find out where the number is from and read reports from other users. If there is a risk of the call being a trap, you can identify it directly on the screen of your cell phone avoiding discomfort and danger of falling into telephone fraud.

With the tellows app, community comments are integrated into the list of suspicious numbers and, whenever you receive a message from an unknown number, the tellows score will appear on your phone screen.

Tellows also allows the user to register as a member and can create personal block lists and add unwanted numbers that are not yet in the tellows score or that are not a public threat. In this case, even if the number ranking in the ranking is positive due to other evaluations, it will be identified as dangerous when you receive a call. In addition, you can block it even before the phone rings using the premium version of the tellows app.

By logging into the application, all numbers that you have commented negatively on the website or the app itself are imported and immediately transferred to your personal block list, even if the final grade is not between 7 and 9 in the ranking. Your list does not depend on the ratings of other users. The block list can be used on any device where the app is installed, in any tellows product just login.

In addition, as a registered user, your comments cannot be removed without careful review by the tellows team. Before removing it, the team will contact you to clarify any doubts. Registered users are also allowed to edit their comment after posting.

Becoming a member is quick and easy and allows you to try the premium version of the tellows app at no cost for a month. Try it!

Take care!


Your Tellows Team!


How-to: Email Feature on Tellows


Hello tellows friends!

You are interested in staying up to date? No problem! Check out our email feature. It provides news on unknown telephone numbers as soon as new information is available.

That’s how it works:

1. Go to the comment form of the respective number and check:

[]I’d like to be notified if there’s news regarding this number.

2. Enter your email address as well as the desired frequency of reception.

3. Submit comment.

From now on you’ll be notified once additional information on this number is available.

Have fun and take care!

Your Tellows Team!