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Most Searched Phone Numbers in January

Dear friends of tellows,

Hi there! The first month of January already passed and tellows hope you had a wonderful beginning of the year. We thank you for choosing tellows as your resources of phone scam protection, as in January we received over 100K page views and we joyfully invite you to stick with us through 2019. This time we will go through the January top 3 searched numbers in the tellows U.S website, and also share some of its details for your information, such as the type of callers and the name of companies.

The first mostly searched number is +1400491098.
It has a tellows score of 6, which is a mildly trust worthy rating, yet the search request cumulatively numbered over 10k.

The second frequently searched number is +442038076172.
Our tellows community reported that the number belongs to a company called CFD Global, which its country code revealed it is a British phone number. With a tellows score 8 and also a nature to be a telemarketer.

The third one is 8002927508.
Our users suggested that it is a debt collection company named Synchrony Financial or CareCredit and its cumulatively search requests over 20k. It has a tellows score 6 and most of the users have opinion that once they paid the loan the call stopped.
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Have your registered yourself?

Hello tellows fellows!

Many of our users have reported that they’ve been tricked by phone scammers using different kinds of methods. Thanks to the tellows community, we can find different tricks that scammers use and we are able to avoid these frauds. Many users have been using tellows for years in order to share information about telephone numbers and protect other people from being victims of fraud. Unfortunately, not all of them have registered themselves with their tellows account when they can get various benefits by being registered members!

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New tellows App Partner: Call Blocker: Reverse Lookup for iPhone

Dear tellows fellows,

Today we introduce you to a new app that offers plenty of possibilities to protect you from unwanted calls. The Call Blocker: Reverse Lookup app identifies unknown spam callers at the moment you receive a call.

You can also activate the block feature to make sure unwanted calls don’t come through. Spam calls will be blocked without further messaging. A personal blacklist lets you block additional numbers. Reported numbers will be added to the database and will help other users to be warned about the app as well. The app lets you perform a reverse search for unknown numbers to easily find additional data about the number that called you.

The app works with the tellows database and uses the knowledge of the community to identify spam calls. The regular update ensures an up-to-date-protection from all current active spam numbers. The Call Blocker saves your valuable time and protects more people from unwanted spam calls.

Call Blocker AppCall Blocker App

The app is available in various countries for all iPhones supporting iOS 10 or higher.
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Pests of the Caribbean – The Tide of Grenadian Nuisance Calls

For some the Caribbean Sea equals paradise, for others, the sole notion of the Grenadian area code 473 forebodes only waking nights and sleepless nightmares. A new phone-fiend has arisen on the small island of Grenada in the Caribbean Sea and pesters unwitting people with dozens of silent calls a day.

Our fellow tellows users complain about an increasing number of automated calls from Grenada. Usually the calls are most numerous in the morning, yet afternoon calls and bellowing phones at night were reported as well. Yet no one actually ever talked to the caller. The tellows user thereby conclude that the callers agenda is primarily aimed at tricking people into calling back.

Danglt reported the number 4735209795:

Seems to be a ping call from grenada. Even without any fees for a service number the reaming fee will be high enough to cost you some dollars

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The US Top 3 Annoying Numbers

1. 6518293110^from Minnesota – St. Paul with a tellows score of 8
2. 2143965554 from Allen with a tellows score of 8
3. 18883263482 with a tellows score of 9

Congratulations! You’ve just won 1 Million Dollars!! or did you?? User Amber share her experience with our 1st number:

„They called me saying that I was selected to win $1 million dollars and at first it sounded reasonable but as the phone call progressed it was clear it was a scam. They wanted to know my bank and if I had a Visa Master Card. Then they tried to get me to buy magazines. I tried to decline and someone hung up on me. I called back to reassure I wasn’t going to recieve or end up paying for something I didn’t ask for and I was informed I wouldn’t. I should have just hung up I know, but I’m young and made a dumb mistake. Since this phone call, people have been calling my around the clock. „

The 2nd number is a confused telemarketer as user Giulio Moro points out

„Person calls and leaves message that they spoke to me last week about reducing my credit card payment interest when I never spoke to anyone there about anything. Fraud or incompetence? „

If you get a call from the 3rd number 18883263482 please contact the police, it seems to be a man with an indian accent claiming you owe money, he asks for your social security number and if resisted starts to curse and threaten, so if you see this number don’t even pick up.

That was our report for this week

Kind regards!
Team Tellows

The tellows Call Guideline – The right way to react on annoying call center assistants

Everyone who has already been called by telemarketers, knows how annoying such a call can be. Their only objective is to sell their products. They achieve this by asking cleverly formulated questions, which are usually set by a software.

By using the tellows Call Guideline you are well prepared for those nuisance calls. With these questions you turn the tables and give the call center assistants an extremely hard time. Additionally to the questions we left some blank space for you to write down the caller’s answers. Therewith, it is possible to ask the same questions during the call again and to check how serious the call actually is.
Just print the guideline and use it as a support whenever you reveive unsolicited calls. Optionally you can send the completed guideline to (in case of contacting please replace AT by @). The most amusing or helpful guidelines will be published in our blog.

Weekly Update – The Top 3 of the most annoying phone numbers

Here are the top 3 of the most annoying phone numbers this week:
1. 0012538203089 from Washington with a tellows score of 8
2. +17675034697 from Dominica with a tellows score of 5
3. 5595548838 Sacramento with a tellows score of 4

This week’s most annoying phone number 0012538203089 has been searched more than 3225 times now.
Unfortunately you’re not sure about who the caller might be.

“kaut”, who reported this number as Harassment call, writes:

Got the call two times (Suisse). First no reply then got the connection. Persons says they are calling from windows computer department and something is wrong with my computer. Try to figure out from which company he is calling. He didn’t answer and I stopped conversation.

It seems to be someone who tries to pretend to be from Windows (Microsoft).
If you search the internet for “scam call microsoft” you will see that this is a widespread scam.
Often the caller has some kind of indian accent, too.

So beware of any phone calls applying to this information.

Thank you for your support and keep on commenting!

Your Tellows Team

Stop Wasting Our Time! – The Top Three Most Annoying Spammers Don’t Quit so Easily Though…

This week was a bit different than usually. The most annoying callers seem to have changed their strategies.
Let’s see what they did this week..

1. 2407871342 from Brandywine with a tellows score of 8
2. 3015953840 form Beltsville with a tellows score of 9
3. 3526883689 from Brooksville with a tellows score of 5

The number one spammer has been calling people more than 10 times a day, he’s also calling a newborn’s mother late at night, taking away valuable minutes from both of them.

The second however is creepy.. doing nothing but breathing is frightening one of our users.

The third is a typical telemarketer trying to take some of your money somehow.

mike reported:

i have been getting calls from this number for the last 2 day i got 22 calls in 2 days when you pick up there is nobody there then i hang up and i get anew number 201-477-1729 its nuts

Whereas newmommy said:

Getting calls all the time, also at night when my newborn should sleep… I call back and get a hang up. The calls are chewing up my minutes and my nerves!

Stay tuned for next week and have a nice spam free weekend hopefully!!

Tellows team.

Same Spam, New Week … The Tops Are The Flops

Let us look at what has changed or not during the past week in the US…

1. 2532468514 from Tacoma / Washington with a tellows score of 6

2. 3233319189 from Los Angeles with a tellows score of 8

3. 2132616494 from Los Angeles with a tellows score of 8

Last week’s number 1 one stayed where it was, whereas number 3 spammer from Los Angeles worked his way up to rank 2.

There is a newbie of the week on rank 3: it is obviously a debt collection company situated in Los Angeles.

A user named Seriously reported us already in April:

Guy on the other end wanted to arrest me this morning. Got no idea where he took my number and address from. hung up on him, never had any debts or whatsoever he was claiming

Wrong person to call wrote the latest comment on the number:

I got a call just like u guys. I am reporting it to every news ch i know of.. please everyone

go here and put it under news idea.this is some bull shiiiit

We say goodbye for this week… and hope the spammers will shut up as well.


Team tellows

A Spammer Foreseen Is a Spammer Avoided

We’re back with news of the week’s most wanted, most annoying and most suspicious numbers. Ping calls and debt frauds have been disturbing people’s lives this week.

Here are the US spammers of the week:

1. 2532468514 from Tacoma / Washington with a tellows score of 6

2. 2603993723 from Indiana with a tellows score of 5

3. 2132616494 from Los Angeles with a tellows score of 8

The scammers from Los Angeles probably tried to frighten a user with nickname Seriously. He reported:

Guy on the other end wanted to arrest me this morning. Got no idea where he took my number and address from. hung up on him, never had any debts or whatsoever he was claiming

… Scammers all over the world have been using this tick to get money from people who fell for them. Please remember that no serious company would claim money from you only by calling you on the phone!

Yet, our favourite spammer of the week seems to do ping calls only…

Barb reported:

Called 4 times today and leaves no message. It is very annoying when your at work and your cell phone keeps going off.

Take care, friends and fellows!!! Have a nice and spamless weekend!

Team tellows