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For Thine is the Silence – The Most Wanted Spam and Scam Numbers of the US of A!


A stitch in time saves nine. A look at tellows in time saves you from nine. Nine? … Starting off with position number 3 of our most wanted numbers of the week, we can see that we have a cold caller from Sparks there with a tellows score of 9. Annoying people with their calls and refusing to remove people’s numbers from their list – that’s the way they work.

Rank two goes to an unknown caller from Colorado/Denver area. We have no further information about the number, only that this number is making ping calls. Only one comment, but the number of search requests (239) gives a hint that there might be more to tell…

On rank 1: A Dalaware number obviously operating worldwide. So far, we received comments from America, Asia and Europe.

1. 3023573644 from Delaware with a tellows score of 6
2. 3015953840 form Colorado/Denver area with a tellows score of 9
3. 7024754857 from Sparks with a tellows score of 9

john reported:

I live in the Netherlands (Europe)
While talking on the phone I received a secondary call from number +13023573644.
When I called the number to know who called me, it went straight to a pre-recorded message from a female voice asking for an authorization code!!?
Very Fishy!!!

Iqbal wrote:

I live in Karachi, Pakistan and I received a call from this number today. When I called back, the voice recording asked for an authorization code.
Seems too fishy, but you never know.

Addi commented:

i received call from that number 26 may, and i was unable to pick that number, Iam from pakistan

We hope to find out more about all numbers, but especially about the one from Colorado/Denver area.

We’re looking forward to reading more of your comments!

Take care!

Team Tellows


A Spammer Foreseen Is a Spammer Avoided


We’re back with news of the week’s most wanted, most annoying and most suspicious numbers. Ping calls and debt frauds have been disturbing people’s lives this week.

Here are the US spammers of the week:

1. 2532468514 from Tacoma / Washington with a tellows score of 6

2. 2603993723 from Indiana with a tellows score of 5

3. 2132616494 from Los Angeles with a tellows score of 8

The scammers from Los Angeles probably tried to frighten a user with nickname Seriously. He reported:

Guy on the other end wanted to arrest me this morning. Got no idea where he took my number and address from. hung up on him, never had any debts or whatsoever he was claiming

… Scammers all over the world have been using this tick to get money from people who fell for them. Please remember that no serious company would claim money from you only by calling you on the phone!

Yet, our favourite spammer of the week seems to do ping calls only…

Barb reported:

Called 4 times today and leaves no message. It is very annoying when your at work and your cell phone keeps going off.

Take care, friends and fellows!!! Have a nice and spamless weekend!

Team tellows


A Scam Method Walkthrough Mk I – You Better Know What You Are Dealing With: Nuisance Calls


Nuisance Calls – The UK’s Approach

In general, all forms of nuisance calls are unsolicited. Whereas telesales calls employ a vehement form of aggressive advertisment, silent calls are meant to identify valid phone numbers from a pool of randomly generated numbers. Furthermore, automated diallers are often used when the call centre is short on agents. To identitfy silent calls, call centres are required to display a Calling Line Identification number on your phone in order to allow you to aquire the caller’s phone number by dialling 1471. Once the number is obtianed, it is advised to forward this number to Ofcom (use Silent Calls Complaint Form). With sufficient complaints Ofcom will find it easier to counteract the dubious schemes of callcenters and other suspicoius companies. Additionally, it is recommended to contact your provider which might help to identify the caller as well. Moreover, your provider may offer a ‘anonymous call rejection’ (check if this service is charged) to prevent a vast bulk of unsolicited calls in the future.

As far as telesales calls are concerned, a registration with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) bears the advantage of having the legal upper hand against call centres since the TPS makes unsolicited calls to you unlawful within the 28 days after you registration. Not only will the TPS will contact the company involved but also it will relay your complaint to the ICO which, in return, can enforce adequate regulations. If you experience unsolicited faxes you can register with the Facsimile Preference Service. Unfortunately, neither Ofcom nor the TPS have authority outside the UK’s borders. Hence, telesales calls from abroad cannot be stopped.

Furthermore, if you think the call centre obtained your personal information illegally the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) gladly provides detailed guidelines on the protection of your privacy in electronic communications. Additionally, complaints about nuisance calls, spam fax and mail may be filed directly with ICO. In all these cases you should share as much information with Ofcom, your provider an tellows on the caller as you can. Yet