The Ring of the Most Wanted – Dreadful and Wicked They come as They Please and Spoil What’s left of our Peace. Here They Call again – The Villainous Most Wanted Spam and Scam Numbers of the USA and UK


They call without mercy and have no regrets. Politeness and Modesty are seldom their virtues and their continious radiation of spam corrodes even the most hardened nerves of steel. How do we stop them? We must identify their trickery before they can employ their ways of deception succesfully. They may be only the tip of the iceberg but here they are, The Most Wanted of the UK:

1. 01613128082 tellows score 7 from Manchester
2. 01792455426 tellows score 8 from Swansea
3. 01613128035 tellows score 8 from Manchester

Well, Well, Well, guess who’s first and who’s second. The Duo Fatale from Manchester and Swansea hold their positions but welcome a third player to the party. ETA Claims from Manchester were effective in harassing people as our user “yve” states:

Driving me mad on my mobile, as I’ve not answered, the calls go to answerphone which obviously costs me to phone, but they never leave a message. Phoning me at least 4/5 times a day.

Across the globe our friends in the US of A don’t fare any better:

1.5852477707tellows score 7 from New York
2.8669367667tellows score 8 a toll free service
3.5165223472tellows score 7 from Garden City

He calls several times in the day n night. He text nude photos. If u ignore he stops for a while then changes his number and starts again. Other numbers used and reported 9172618481& 5164104735. Don’t meet with this man he is sick. Call the police

The USA Most Wanted excessively entertain the habbit of harrassing people day and night on automated terms. Once you successfully blocked a number they will obtain a new one and start with renewed vigor. Unfortunately we do not know much about these Spam numbers, so…

If you have any information on the above mentioned numbers share them with the community! Help us help you!

Take Care !!!

The tellows Team


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