The Phobia of the Most Wanted – Nuisance Calls remain a Threat the Well-being of the USA’s and UK’s peoples


Another week passed and the spams and scams continued nearly unopposed. However, the tellows database grows continuously and provides vital information on the most wicked telphone numbers there are. Here they come, the Most wanted of the US’ and UK’s scam and spam numbers:

1. 01613126506 from Manchester with a tellows score of 8
2. 01792455426 from Swansea with a tellows score of 8
3. 01172090021 from Bristol with a tellows score of 7

The setup of this week’s most annoying telephone numbers seems rather familiar. The Manchester number enjoys great attention as the high amount of over 3000 search requests indicates. Swansea follows suit with 2512 search requests. Both of the numbers mentioned before dwarf the 500 requests of the Bristol number which seems rather like a newcomer. The quantity of calls from the Bristol number in the last few days, however, earned it a place in the UK’s Most Wanted spam and scam calls.

Bob offered a most helpful comment

Multiple, daily calls regarding payment protection insurance, which I have never purchased. Pre-recorded message. Pressing ‘9’ for automated opt-out has no effect. Extremely persistent and annoying.

1. 3605296156 from Washington with a tellows score of 8
2. 6518293110 from Minnesota with a tellows score of 8
3. 2132615790 from Los Angeles with a tellows score of 8

In the USA there has only been a slight change in the rankings. The Washington spammers may have outpaced their Minnesota counterparts but on the end of the day a pain in the back remains a pain in the back.

Annoyed reported:

I received the exact same script call with the exception of the attorney’s name and the phone number originated from. Here’s the call:

Just got a call from this number. Woman said, “We need your attorney’s information.” I said, “What are you talking about?” to which she stated, “Are you aware you have a lawsuit and charges being filed against (stated my name and social security number) and told me to call back 1-323-513-8685 and ask for their attorney Michael Carcer and he would explain everything.

I kept asking whom she worked for and she kept saying Legal Fees. This number showed up on my caller ID as Los Angeles, CA. None of this sounded correct so I checked out here first. As I was checking I called the number and a recording says it is “no longer in service.” So, 1) this is the same Indian call center that was calling me about a month ago to give me an auto loan I never applied for and who has my information (scary), 2) the incoming number was spoofed, and 3) this is most definitely a scam. I will turn them over to FCC and State Attorney’s office if they call me again.

Let not fraudsters dictate! As long as there niches they can hide in they will continue their dirty work. Report your findings to tellows and render their spam numbers and, therewith, their niches useless!

Take Care!

the tellows team


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  1. John SMith

    I keep getting phone calls on my cell phone from 5202714042.
    I looked it up and they from comminf from Tuscon and I live in Florida

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