Your Phone’s Unsolicited Exitement Foreshadows a Day flooded by Nuisance Calls – People of the UK and USA Beware for The Most Wanted strike again!


The last week proved to be awash with the chatter of super motivated call centre agents. Their talk of PPI claims, alleged high quality products and other trivial subjects made our ears bleed. In their arrogance they keep ringing our phones, landline as well as mobile, and strike with waves of silent calls and pre-recorded messages. The authorities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are impotent at best and grant the call centres leave to do as they please. The least we can do is to share what we know of the perpetrators and warn our fellow folk about the most dangerous numbers. Here they come, the Most Wanted Spam and Scam Numbers of the UK:

1. 01616567957 from Manchester with a tellows score of 6

2. 01268297656 from Basildon with a tellows score of 7

3. 02070603887 from London with a tellows score of 7

Jo0lz wrote:

This is a cold calling computer attached to a call centre. The computer automatically calls random generated numbers then once you answer it logs your number in a database of active phone numbers and will call back. When they did get through is was call centre staff trying to hook you in for making a claim against miss-sold payment protection insurance

This week’s UK pole position is championed yet again by a Manchester company. Well, that’s what we are meant to believe. It’s TalkTalk operating from call centres based abroad in order sale upgrades and other trivia. Obviously Opus Credit employees are more motivated than other call centre agents since they occupy the 2nd place for several weeks now. Last but not least is a newcomer from London luring the ignorant into their web of PPI claims.

Now let’s have a look at the New World.

1. 3605296156 from Minnesota with a tellows score of 8

2. 2064960410 from Washington with a tellows score of 9

3. 6518293110 from Seattle with a tellows score of 8

amber wrote:

They called me saying that I was selected to win $1 million dollars and at first it sounded reasonable but as the phone call progressed it was clear it was a scam. They wanted to know my bank and if I had a Visa Master Card. Then they tried to get me to buy magazines. I tried to decline and someone hung up on me. I called back to reassure I wasn’t going to recieve or end up paying for something I didn’t ask for and I was informed I wouldn’t. I should have just hung up I know, but I’m young and made a dumb mistake. Since this phone call, people have been calling my around the clock.

The sweepstakes scam is still one of Most Wanted phone numbers in the USA. The Washington number harasses people without end and, unfortunetely, even less is known about disruptive elements from Seattle.

What does that tell us? Share more info!

Until then….

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1 thought on “Your Phone’s Unsolicited Exitement Foreshadows a Day flooded by Nuisance Calls – People of the UK and USA Beware for The Most Wanted strike again!

  1. 226186339

    Caros Srs, Ao que eu sei não dei nen-
    huma autorização de informar as ou-tras pessoas acerca deste número de casa – Privada, é favor de eliminar esta página sobre este nº imediatamente, pois se não fizerem sou obrigado a apresentar uma queixa crime contra os Srs
    Este nº deixou de ser da PT Telecom
    sem mais assunto a tratar


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