From The East to The West – Most Wanted Spam At Its Best – This Week’s Top 3


This week’s speciality is spam coming from both East and West coast – The axis of evil runs through the whole country from Tacoma to Delaware and Seattle:

1. 2532468514 from Tacoma with a tellows score of 6
2. 3023573644 from Delaware with a tellows score of 6
3. 4253205012 from Seattle East suburbs with a tellows score of 9

For the number on rank 1 jillybean reported:

Starting receiving calls from this number about 3 days ago. So far, only 1 call per day. No message is ever left.

Whereas Jing L wrote this before:

Claimed to be a home protection company offering to install home security system in your home.

The number on rank 2 is known to us from last week. Unfortunately, since then no new comments were given for this number.

On rank 3, there is a newbie amongst the scammers: payday loan scam.
cassandra did the right thing:

These people said I have a payday Loan out, and that they are calling to collect, They asked if I had a payday loan out when I said no they said they would report this, I told them they can report what they would like and to not call me again!

Remember: Never fall for this! And most important thing: no bank details at the phone!

Team Tellows


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