3 Numbers That Harassed You The Most – Weekly Update


And here we go again with last week’s 3 most annoying spam numbers:

1. 0016466166770 from New York with a tellows score of 5
2. 3604615083 from Port Angeles with a tellows score of 7
3. 7574479265 from Norfolk with a tellows score of 8

Well, seems as if our campaign against the phone preacher was successful. There were no new reports on last week’s spam number 1. However, another candidate in the telemarketing scam business took its place. There were reports about the green card scam going on over this number. But obviously the aim of these calls turned out to be phishing.

User Patt wrote the following comment weeks ago already:

She (Amely Johnson) called me and told me I HAVE WON A GREEN CARD LOTTERY and I have to pay $500. She even asked my VISA or Master Card number.

Rank two goes to an automated dialer of a company situated in Port Angeles that is giving silent calls. So we can be curious with what kind of offers the number is going to amuse people all over the country.

And another phishing number on rank 3, which is not only calling but also texting in order to gain confidential personal information. User TH3 wrote a helpful comment:

Text sd Please contact 7574479265 BofA 435603XX Card Issue. I don’t have a BofA card. Sounds fishy to me

Thank you for providing us with the worst spam and scam numbers! Together, we are strong!

Take care,
Your Tellows Team


1 thought on “3 Numbers That Harassed You The Most – Weekly Update

  1. Yesim

    Hi GregMy wife and son have just suffered from one of the worse text ecxireenpes you could imagine.Simutaneously both my wife and son were bombarded with multiple texts on their mobile phones My wife received 5 and my son 9 all at once and all with the same disgusting message, It read `EMERGENCY, HELP ME!` this message appeared to both my wife and son to have come from my mobile phone!Both of them panicked thinking i was in some sort of trouble, Meanwhile i was answering the house phone (Virginmedia (formerly NTL) and not BT!) to a message apparently from a BT text messaging service, the message i heard was exactly the same message as my wife and son received.Just as i was listening for the number after hitting 1471 my wife came screeching to a stop on the drive and racing in the house shouting`are you alright Chris?`This is an absolutely disgusting thing, whoever or whatever is behind this is ridiculous to say the least, this could have had serious consequenses.After calming my wife down we tried to find out where this audio text message had come from and found the number 0845 6021111, albeit listening to the message itself it gave out my mobile number!Greg any idea how this has happened my friend?Do you think it is actually somebody playing what they think is a practical joke?I just can`t believe how anybody could do this sort of thing!Greg do you know how my wife and son can stop this thing happening again on their mobile phones (both on different networks)?I am going to try the number above you provided albeit we are not BT so we will see if this works and hopefully let you know how things work out.Thanks very much for listening and for any help you can profer All the very bestChris

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