Don’t be a victim! Our Top 3 scam clichés for the week


I remember this Hollywood film Compliance, I couldn’t sleep after watching it. It’s about this prank caller who phoned the manager of a fast food chain and introduced himself as a police officer. He asked the manager to strip search one of her female employees because she allegedly stole something. The manager believed it and followed everything the caller asked her to do. The scam call ended up as a sexual harassment case. This film is based on a true story and apparently, there were over 70 similar incidents that already occurred in 30 U.S. States.

After seeing this movie, you will never again talk to strangers! Yes, we’ve heard that from our mothers when we were kids, but still, this comes in handy every time we face the dangerous world out there.

Based on true accounts of our tellows users, our top three for the week go like this: 1) caller tells you they found your lost debit card and then will ask you to confirm the number to them, the next thing you knew, they’re already using your debit card number for different transactions; 2) scam call pretending to be a representative of Nova Scotia informing you that you just won a free cruise but they first need your bank account details to make sure that they are talking to the right person; 3) another Caribbean spam caller, this time from Montserrat.

Whether it’s already a cliché and an overused tactic of our scammers, it is still good to have a look at what our tellows users have to say:

here’s jay on 8056377243:

recorded voice on the telephone said i had lost my debit card and they had found it… just had to give them the numbers… so stupid… but i guess some people actually fall on that

Jesus reported Bahama Cruise Lines with the number 9027088305:

Oh boy – I got another couple of calls from Nova Scotia and they said I won a free cruise. They just needed my bank acc data. And there is the trap…

and mushi warned you about 6644120045:

Come onnnn not again! I received numerous calls from grenada two weeks before and now they moved to Mantserrat???

Dont be a victim! Stay informed and be wise.

Take care,
your tellows team


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