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The Most Annoying Callers this Week


Hello friends of tellows,

This week we certainly have an interesting combination for you, from inmates to stubborn telemarketers who hold on to their work for years. Some of the annoying calls which come flying your way are actually unintentional but let’s admit, that the majority of them certainly isn’t. Telemarketers adopted the strategy to not even ask you, if you really want buy or order something or not. Now they simply ask you how much you want of it and wait for an answer while you still think: what is he/she talking about? And another great strategy is pursued by the Bank of America, which calls their clients to the point, where they block the number, not knowing who it is that terrorizes them.
All in all one could say, that on their way to invent new strategies to reach out to the people, something went wrong. Nevertheless inform yourself and share your experience with us. Your comment might help just the right person.

1. 2135430000 with comments and 1156 search requests. tellows Score: 7
2. 2144469818 with 2 comments and 730 search requests. tellows Score: 8
3. 2165458326 with 2 comments and 1002 search requests. tellows Score: 8

The first number 2135430000 from Los Angeles – USA is an odd case because it’s supposed to be from inmates from various facilities. They accidently deal the numbers or something just doesn’t work right. At the end both parties are dissapointed. But there is a solution which was proposed by one of the users and which might help you:

I got calls from that number too and because it really started to get on my nerves I researched a little bit and I found out, though I’m not sure if it’s actually true, that these calls come from inmates from various facilities e.g. like jail. Though now I’m even more confused ’cause why would someone from jail call me? Anyway I don’t think that even if I answer, the inmate could do anything against this problem so I’m going to call securustech who sends these calls and have my number blocked.

The second number 2144469818 from Dallas – USA belongs to Telemarketers who stubbornly seek to sell as many of their products as they can, ignoring your opinion on that case entirely. If you say ‘No’ it’s not understood as one. You can be sure that you’ hear from them again.

This number calls our work place and wants to speak with an owner or office manager. They are calling from superpages.com regarding advertising. No matter how many times I tell them I’m not intersted and to please not call they go on calling. It’s frustrating.

And finally the third number 2165458326 from Beachwood – USA belongs to FIA Card Services who is a contractor of Bank of America. They make calls to their clients in order to “thank” them for their business. That means in general that you opened an account in their bank or something similar. The problem is, that customers themselves don’t recognize the number and don’t pick up the call. If they do, the line goes dead or some other problems prevent the bank from expressing their gratitude. So they try again later. And after a while the customers feel harassed.

This number and callers are just odd. I mean they call me daily, at leat 2 times a day and in most cases they just hang up when I try to answer the phone. Phone ID says Bank of America and that makes it even more weird. At some point I didn’t want the call to end as it usually does and after a minute someone answered. They really introduced themselves as Bank of America and they wanted to know my reasons for opening an account..And when exactly did I do that? I would remember that. So I looked it up and that’s the result. Still I’m not in BofA so why do they have my number? And if they call all of their customers to just inform them of the things they already know and in that way annoy the h*** out of them, then I think they should be worried that they might lose some of them in the near future…

These are fine examples of goodwill going bad. Don’t be discouraged. Take care and have a nice week!

Your tellows team