It Rings and Rings and Rings – Yet There’s Nothing but Spam, Scam and Annoyance Galore! News from the Front – The Most Wanted of Plaguing Callers in the UK and USA


Hello folks,

The phones are restless and just won’t lay still as spammers and scammers are busier than ever before. Who’s your favourite? Which number harrasses you the most? Well, let’s have a look on the Top 3 of the Most Wanted UK callers:

01613128082 Tellows Score 6

01792763475 Tellows Score 6

01384785412 Tellows Score 6

Well, what do we have here? – A claims company, a self-proclaimed Department of Justice and an annoying stranger. Although a Tellows Score of 6 isn’t that high, the number of comments and search requests indicate a high level of annoyance. Our user Mark put it in the right words:

What is it with companies that continuosly ring you and invade your privacy. i get so fed up with it. i never answer so why do they bother. they always act like they care about you. NO YOU DONT. YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF ME, Never ever be fooled by these people they care only for themselves and their own pockets. Tell them to F OFF or send a loud screech down the phone if you answer. Hopefully you will then deafen the whole lot of them. they wont do it again then

Since we now know what the UK is up to, let’s see how our friendes in the USA fare. Here are their Top 3 of the Most Wanted:

6093180364 Tellows Score 8

040414369501 Tellows Score 7

6093180392 Tellows Score 7

One number from mobile service provider in Germany and twice a foundation scam – well that’s something, especially since these wannabe foundations pretend to be benevolent associations for the police, what a shame. Our user Carl wrote:

be wary of this number. PBA or so they say. they want you to contribute and contribute and contribute. once you ask for what it is you are supposed to contribute to, they hang up. darn scammers

This is the first of many updates on the most annoying numbers. From now on, this list will be updated every week. See you soon.

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