Guess Who Calls for Dinner – Again? Yes! It’s the Most Wanted of the Week! Beware Citizens of the US and Uk for They Won’t Stop Even If You Are Bankrupt.


The last week has seen nuisance calls gallore! Let’s see how the people of the UK took it:

1. 03333440125 premium rate service with a tellows score of 6
2. 01268297656 from Basildon with a tellows score of 7
3. 08448733571 premium rate service with a tellows score of 7

This week’s pole position is held by a yet to be identified phone number. Over 1990 search request in only five days obviously indicate a intense motivation to harass people. Second, a self-proclaimed Opus Credit Card enquires personal information and last but not least another premium rate service spreads the PPI nuisance.

Our User Joe wrote:

They say they have recently taken over from Citi Card and ask me to confirm my address/postcode etc. Will not say why they are asking. I do not have a Citi Card. I asked them to tell me one digit from my postcode but they can’t so they are obviously fishing for my details, possibly to send me a credit card I don’t want. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY PERSONAL DETAILS. Waste their time and wind them up a bit!

But what about the USA? Well, let’s have a look:

1. 03105999211 from Compton with a tellows score of 8
2. 5852477707 from New York with a tellows score of 7
3. 2187242094 from Duluth with tellows score of 6

What do we have here? A wannabe PC doctor, two automated call one of which originated from a company called teleresources. Well, sounds like heavy load annoyance. Let’s pray the tide recedes soon.

Texas wrote:

This had a person with an accent perhaps on India, and wanted me to go to computer and type some control keys in etc., he said my computer was signaling a prob.

Take Care!!

The tellows team


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