Ring Ring – Who’s there? Alas! It’s the Week’s Most Wanted of the USA’s and UK’s Spam and Scam Phone Numbers. Don’t Worry, We’ll Hold the Line!


As the weeks fly by the scammers and spammers of the world continue to harass the common folk without mercy. Their furious charge into the midst of our private lives leaves our domestic peace shaken and prone to a nervous collapse. As we struggle to keep our tempers in check the authorities measures to tackle the unsolicited intrusions remain quasi non-existent. Hence, we need to help ourselves.

Here are the UK’s Most Wanted:

1. 03333440125 from a Premium Rate Service with a tellows score of 7
2. 02920822696 from Cardiff with a tellows score of 8
3. 01268297656 from Basildon with a tellows score of 7

In terms of annoyance last week’s premium rate service number is still top of the notch. However, Basildon was demoted to 3rd place by Cardiff’s mobile contract hunter. Nonetheless, Opus Credit did also quite a good job for you obviously still despise them.

annoyed! commented:

Despite being asked to remove my number from their database they seem to be refusing even though I am registered with TPS… cant anything be done??

Unfortunately, the great Atlantic isn’t the barrier it used to be. People in the USA suffer the same nuisance calls as their English counterparts.

1. 2142831316 from Dallas with a tellows score of 9
2. 2124485501 from New York with a tellows score of 6
3. 2816701528 from Houston with a tellows score of 5

Mr Nelson commented:

I let my fax machine answer such calls I don’t know who they are.. But I would like these calls to stop..

Debt collector’s, a wannabe university and an unindentified number. What else is there to say? It seems the American and British authorities successfully ignore the crimes of a few and the needs of many. Nonetheless, life goes on … and we’ll hold the line!

Take Care !!!

The tellows Team


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