Same Spam, New Week … The Tops Are The Flops


Let us look at what has changed or not during the past week in the US…

1. 2532468514 from Tacoma / Washington with a tellows score of 6

2. 3233319189 from Los Angeles with a tellows score of 8

3. 2132616494 from Los Angeles with a tellows score of 8

Last week’s number 1 one stayed where it was, whereas number 3 spammer from Los Angeles worked his way up to rank 2.

There is a newbie of the week on rank 3: it is obviously a debt collection company situated in Los Angeles.

A user named Seriously reported us already in April:

Guy on the other end wanted to arrest me this morning. Got no idea where he took my number and address from. hung up on him, never had any debts or whatsoever he was claiming

Wrong person to call wrote the latest comment on the number:

I got a call just like u guys. I am reporting it to every news ch i know of.. please everyone

go here and put it under news idea.this is some bull shiiiit

We say goodbye for this week… and hope the spammers will shut up as well.


Team tellows


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