Stop Wasting Our Time! – The Top Three Most Annoying Spammers Don’t Quit so Easily Though…


This week was a bit different than usually. The most annoying callers seem to have changed their strategies.
Let’s see what they did this week..

1. 2407871342 from Brandywine with a tellows score of 8
2. 3015953840 form Beltsville with a tellows score of 9
3. 3526883689 from Brooksville with a tellows score of 5

The number one spammer has been calling people more than 10 times a day, he’s also calling a newborn’s mother late at night, taking away valuable minutes from both of them.

The second however is creepy.. doing nothing but breathing is frightening one of our users.

The third is a typical telemarketer trying to take some of your money somehow.

mike reported:

i have been getting calls from this number for the last 2 day i got 22 calls in 2 days when you pick up there is nobody there then i hang up and i get anew number 201-477-1729 its nuts

Whereas newmommy said:

Getting calls all the time, also at night when my newborn should sleep… I call back and get a hang up. The calls are chewing up my minutes and my nerves!

Stay tuned for next week and have a nice spam free weekend hopefully!!

Tellows team.


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