The Most Annoying Callers this Week


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It is about time to tell you about the most annoying phone numbers in the US this week. Tellows users were especially searching for the following numbers:

1. 234567890 with 4 comments and 1214 search requests. tellows Score: 8
2. 2149695489 with 2 comments and 481 search requests. tellows Score: 9
3. 2107363080 with 2 comments and 501 search requests. tellows Score: 7

Our first place is the number 234567890. The scammers here use one of the recently most common and unfortunately most effective ways to betray you and get your money. Julian35 reports on it:

A man with a heavy accent claimed to call from “Computer Support Department”. He wanted to fix my computer because he has a virus. I hung up then. Be careful with this number!

As it is not a new scamming method, we already reported on it in our Blog. Also users in the UK commented on this number. Be careful here, this scam is highly dangerous!

The second number this week is apparently kind of creepy. Mary Ann reported:

a call came in and it was a woman who said she was dating my boyfriend and she claimed that he belongs to her now. Surprisingly, she knew our names and everything. the number was traced to a texas land line (dallas). This sounds very bad and i am afraid, does anybody know this crazy woman????

And also donna told us:

creepy guy said i had a sexy voice. first two calls from operator asking if I’ll accept the call..last 4 came from this creepy guy called himself frankie.

If these kind of harassement calls accur, not only from 2149695489, but from other numbers as well, you might of course be anxious, but don’t let them scare you. Never give away your personal information, just threaten to call the police and put the phone down, this might help to keep them away for a while.

What we know about the last number is based on the experience of user Lynnette:

After 5mos. of calling to do a radio-station survey (they will only talk to specific people in the home)I finally asked them to quit calling because nobody they were asking for wanted to do the survey! They are still calling! I WILL be contacting the phone co. and police about harassment charges.

Opinion and market research centers often use the phone, as it requires less time and staff to achieve as many valid answers as needed. Although they mostly have more rights in what they do, they sometimes strech the patience of the callees. Try to tell them as clear as you can, that you do not wish to get called again. You can also hand in a written explanation for that. If they still keep calling you, you can complaint and take action. Have a look at your rights here.

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