Top 3 Most Wanted Numbers


Dear tellows friends,

following another couple of weeks of nuisance calls, we present to you the worst offenders of the moment:

1. 2024813310 with 1 comments and 629 search requests. tellows Score: 5
2. 3018829950 with 2 comments and 723 search requests. tellows Score: 9
3. 7607058888 with 3 comments and 1592 search requests. tellows Score: 8

A lot of annoying calls but very few details are reported for the number 2024813310, ranking on 1st place. Despite a rising interest in the number, user Larry appears to be the only one with any information on the matter:

this number called me several times, when I call back, it says that it is not working….

Similarly harassing calls are made by our 2nd number, 3018829950. The frequent calls are particularly annoying since the caller doesn’t appear to be interested in an actual conversation, often hanging up after a few rings before the call can be answered. User Angela suspects a telemarketing company as the perpetrator:

I just started getting calls from this number, but it only rings twice… It seems to be a computer-initiated call; those loser telemarketing people…

Calls from the 3rd and final number, 7607058888, have lead to comments with differing information: some of our users could neither accept the call in time nor call back as the call was disconnected before the first ringing, others were asked to provide personal information. User AH2013 is especially annoyed by the time the number was calling at:

called at 3:31A this morning.can’t return call to see who or why calling at 3:31A

Here’s to hoping that you won’t receive any nuisance calls this week! – But if you do, don’t hesitate to share your expierences on Tellows to warn other users.

Take care,
Your Tellows Team


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