Pests of the Caribbean – The Tide of Grenadian Nuisance Calls

For some the Caribbean Sea equals paradise, for others, the sole notion of the Grenadian area code 473 forebodes only waking nights and sleepless nightmares. A new phone-fiend has arisen on the small island of Grenada in the Caribbean Sea and pesters unwitting people with dozens of silent calls a day.

Our fellow tellows users complain about an increasing number of automated calls from Grenada. Usually the calls are most numerous in the morning, yet afternoon calls and bellowing phones at night were reported as well. Yet no one actually ever talked to the caller. The tellows user thereby conclude that the callers agenda is primarily aimed at tricking people into calling back.

Danglt reported the number 4735209795:

Seems to be a ping call from grenada. Even without any fees for a service number the reaming fee will be high enough to cost you some dollars

None of the tellows commentators were quick enough to answer the call for the phone rang only a handful of times. Those of our users who tried to return the call were welcomed by strange sounds ranging from weird noise to techno music.

Kill the phonebots reported 4735209710:

Called at 2:34am!!! My phone os on a do not call and I blocked number and called back and was on hold indefinitely with a prerecorded “please wait for the operator” and techno music…uugh! Listed to Grenada.

Do not take those calls lightly! If your telephone does not employ a call blocker, the least thing you should take into consideration is filing a complaint with the NANPA (the organization that holds responsibility for the whole North American Numbering Plan which includes Grenada).
There are loads of Grenadian numbers endeavoring on such a pestering trade. Here’s a list of telephone numbers you should be cautious of:

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