The Tellows Top 3: Holiday Hangover and Nuisance Calls


Oh well, Christmas rush is over and scammers are back to business. You still have this hangover from the long holiday break and yet these bogus numbers are back and ready to terorrize people again.

Our top 3 hardworking prank callers for the week include the „court action for bank fraud“ number, the computer guy claiming that he is from microsoft, and the boring „not in service“ phoneline.

First, let’s hear it from RMV who reported 2028035785, now with 297 search requests from tellows with the undisputed score of 8:

Also received a call from this number which said that I was facing court action for bank fraud and needed to call back by the end of the day. When I attempted to call back, no one answers and machine comes on saying to call back later and ends the call.

Kay was also one of the targets:

said court action for bank fraud? against me? Stated I had to end of business today to contact them to stop action- 202-803-5785/ didn’t return the call

The second bug for the week is the Indian guy disguised as a Microsoft tech support. Lucky you if you haven’t received one of his calls. This scammer apparently would ask you to go to a particular website, and insist that you buy their services so they could fix your computer.

Here’s Jay complaining on 9715550129, now with 265 search results:

caller ask for owner of the household and then ask if you have a computer. Very rude, gave him attitude back.

Last on the list is 2537850484. This number is never taking a holiday nor a break and now has 4829 searches in tellows.

NiteOwl_OvO said:

I keep getting calls from this number on my cell phone. They always hang up either before I can answer or immediately after I do. I tried calling the number back and received a recorded message from International Telecom informing me that the number is not in service and that it is in use by another carrier beyond their control.

We have another year to fight these phone terrors. Remember to go to tellows for any doubts before these bugs ruin your whole year.

Take care,
Your tellows team


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