“Was that my phone?” Beware of less than exotic calls from the Carribean


Most of us now are glued to our mobile phones. Kids can be playing in the other room but by golly our phones are always within arms length or even closer. Have you ever asked yourself how you ended up with missed calls on your phone? Surely, you would have it heard it ring. And then we sight this phone number we’ve never seen before. Once upon a time we would just simply hit the call back button but we live in different times now, a time where we need to move with caution and implicate security measures with almost everything we do. We have another reason why.

The One Ring Scam uncovered to us by 360nobs.com.

Named the One Ring Scam because that is exactly what it is. A less intricate swindle than you might have thought. An unfamiliar phone number does a speedy one ring to your phone to leave their return phone number, in which you sight this unsuspecting phone number on your missed calls list and you ever so ingenuously return the call. Before you know it, BAM, you have been charged for an international call. And most of the time you are none the wiser, just wondering why no one is there to talk to you on the end of the line. After all, they called you, you’re the nice guy returning the call! At what price you might ask? Records of victimisation have reported of international connection fees costing around the $19.95 mark with the additional $9 per minute if that wasn’t already enough.

The Better Business Bureau has provided some area codes to look out for in regards to these latest reports. Here they are:

Antigua and Barbuda (268) Dominican Republic (809) Jamaica (876) British Virgin Islands (284)
and Grenada (473).

Fortunately we can report we have had numerous comments on this One Ring Scam on our forum. We therefore anticipate that a large some of our greater community have been cautioned and have been convinced into not returning their calls!

Caller CAZ reported the number 4734561962 and commented:

Called me this morning and hung up after one ring. No voicemail. Pain in the butt.

Caller Nooo reported the number 2687620136 and commented:

noooo! dont call back! it’s a scam. they will charge you for the return call.

And lared reported the number 284120711 and commented:

one-ring calls!! i hate it!

What to do if you see an unfamiliar number on your phone?

If the number is unfamiliar to you, before returning the call, the best advice for you is to run a quick search. Using our tellows.com search, you can quickly bring up other people’s experiences with that phone number and gain some reassurance confirming your suspicions or maybe simply find out it was in fact your hair salon calling from a strange looking number (it has happened to me) ringing you to confirm your appointment. Either way, depending on your experience you might just feel impelled to appease others curiosity and we have the right platform for you here at tellows.com.

Better yet, to prevent this sort of anxiety in the future, check out our tellows app for Android and iPhone and get information of the caller before answering! How’s that for security!


3 thoughts on ““Was that my phone?” Beware of less than exotic calls from the Carribean

  1. Tieth Morgan

    Its really disappointing to hear whenever people receive annoying calls from strange individuals. This is the exact reason why we need to show awareness of the best solutions we have these days. Thank you for sharing the useful information from this article.

  2. Frankie Sanz

    Fraud or scam phone calls are prevalent today and so we have to be cautious when we pick up the phone and answering calls to prevent any unwanted call from a total stranger.

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