Home security providers have been claimed to harass


Gone are the days of leaving your front and back door ajar and your windows wide-open. Sad but true, people just don’t feel as safe in their own neighbourhood’s anymore and we long for security solutions before it is too late. So when a company (cold) calls you again and again offering a solution to this problem on a silver platter, what do you do?

Here at tellows.com, it has come to our attention that there has been a common trend lurking over the last few months with searches for phone numbers related to the selling of these (questionable) Home Security Systems.

Due to this high volume among the greater community, the Federal Trade Commission recently released information as to what are a couple of the “red flags” to be aware of for those who receive these calls.


Firstly, they may make a time-limited offer, and claim that you need to act now. For example, they may try to get you to sign a contract by telling you that the system is “FREE.” More than likely, there is a catch. For example, to get your “FREE” alarm, you may have to sign a long-term and expensive system monitoring contract.

tellows searched phone number 3233721926 unfortunately has proven to be a good example of this. As exposed by an article published the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability, this caller claims to be representing GE Security Solutions, promoting a highly-priced security system valued over $1000 with FREE installation for a monthly fee of $40 when bound to a 36 month contract. When in fact, there is a GE security department of General Electric, however they have publicised they do not provide this service to individuals or even telemarket.

Secondly, they may use scare tactics. For example, they may talk about some scary amount of supposed burglaries in your neighborhood.

With over 15 comments on tellows and 7000 searches, phone number 4695188676 stirred concern with their automated cold call message, “Hello. The FBI reports there is a home break-in every 15 seconds.” A scare tactic that probably lead to question of authenticity rather than buyer’s interest.

A recent ScepticalBrook reported the number 4695188676 as Aggressive advertising

On my 4th phone call this week from this number. They start the call with an AUTOMATED message saying that the FBI warns that burglaries occur all the time in my area. By this point I always hang up. If they know I hang up, why can’t a customer service rep call me back, if it so legitimate and they have my best interest?

So for those who are actually are waiting for that right cold call to come or willing to do some research themselves, here we have what the FTC have recommended to assist you in inquiring about the right Home Security System and avoid being a victim of a scam:

1. Confirm that the contractor’s licenses are current and reputable
2. Ask for quotes and do so from various companies
3. Get references from friends and family who can recommend or disapprove
4. Check out the companies by doing a search on the internet.
tellows.com is a great portal for discovering other peoples experiences with this phone number which might help sway your decision towards the right one!


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