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Anti-Robocall Technology Becomes Effective – Will Robocalls Stop Now?


In March 2020 the FCC approved the requirement for phone call carriers to implement the STIR/SHAKEN technology in order to stop robocalls.

The Caller ID framework includes a verification from the carrier that the caller is who he says he is. The carrier companies need to report their commitment and will receive penalties if they do not comply.

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What happened so far?

It is common knowledge that robocalls are illegal, but might not be obvious since they are still performed to such a heavy extend. In 1991 the Supreme Court upheld a law, but 30 years later we still struggle with those calls.

The TRACED Act passed in 2019 already lifted the fines per robocalls and introduced the STIR/SHAKEN technology to provide a reliable Caller ID for carriers. In order to reduce fraud and spam calls, the technology will display the caller ID and the person can know that it is trusted since the provider transferred the call. Fake Caller IDs can be identified.
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