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Slam Spam and Scam! The US Top 3 Of The Week


Here are the top 3 of the most annoying phone numbers of this week:
1. 0012538203089 from Washington with a tellows score of 7
2. +17675034697 from Dominica with a tellows score of 5
3. 7572146785 from Virginia with a tellows score of 9

Last week’s top spam number 0012538203089 stayed on first place and has about 3646 search requests by now.
Bad news for everybody who fell for it: this is another PC doctor scam number.

User Bear from Switzerland reported:

Got 2 calls (Switzerland)

Just someone telling you your computer is infected by viruses, and asking you to give him direct connexion to your computer to repare it!!

Do not answer any request from this number/person

He is absolutely right, for this is a widespread scam.
We have reported about this scam method before:

These wannabe Microsoft employees will spin tales about the most malevolent of software and the ways your PC system was infected by it. According to the American computer forum bleepingcomputer.com the fraudsters will try to lure you on onto their website to download a software called Teamviewer. This program enables the scammers to access your PC directly and, therewith, provides them with the opportunity to download and install malware, manipulate your system settings and spy for personal data. However, Microsoft will not call to warn you of a potential viral infection and offer support for free. Microsoft is not ignorant of the scam and was quick to publish an article on their investigation into the matter on their windows blog.

For further information see our blog article on PC doctor scam

We count on you in the struggle against phone spam and scam! We need you to share vital information about fraudulent phone numbers.

Take care,
Your Tellows Team


PC Doc Win Greencard In Lottery – The Week’s Most Wanted


Here we go with this week’s most wanted: a PC Doctor from Washington, a bank details phishing company who apparently gives out green cards for 500 $ and somebody who introduced herself as AmVets. Here they are:

1. 0012538203089 from Washington – Tacoma with a tellows score of 8
2. 0016466166770 from New York/Manhattan with a tellows score of 6
3. 3176888617 from Indiana with a tellows score of 7

This week’s number 1 is a PC doctor number – one of the most recent scam methods that combines phone and computer spam and scam. As we already reported in our blog, the callers claim to call on behalf of Microsoft or an anti-virus programme company and explain that they will now direct you to delete the virus on your computer with the help of a bogus anti-virus software that you should download for a fee. It is quite an old story, though it still seems to be active, so beware!

For the number on rank 2: no news, just an increasing number of search requests: 1095

And last, but not least, user annoyed reported:

Woman asked for me by name and claimed she was from AmVets. I told her she had called my office number and she responded “well this is the number they gave me” I told her I didn’t know who “they” were but not to call me at my office any longer. Then I blocked her number on our office phone system.

So, do not let them spam the rest of your week!

team Tellows