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Slam Spam and Scam! The US Top 3 Of The Week


Here are the top 3 of the most annoying phone numbers of this week:
1. 0012538203089 from Washington with a tellows score of 7
2. +17675034697 from Dominica with a tellows score of 5
3. 7572146785 from Virginia with a tellows score of 9

Last week’s top spam number 0012538203089 stayed on first place and has about 3646 search requests by now.
Bad news for everybody who fell for it: this is another PC doctor scam number.

User Bear from Switzerland reported:

Got 2 calls (Switzerland)

Just someone telling you your computer is infected by viruses, and asking you to give him direct connexion to your computer to repare it!!

Do not answer any request from this number/person

He is absolutely right, for this is a widespread scam.
We have reported about this scam method before:

These wannabe Microsoft employees will spin tales about the most malevolent of software and the ways your PC system was infected by it. According to the American computer forum bleepingcomputer.com the fraudsters will try to lure you on onto their website to download a software called Teamviewer. This program enables the scammers to access your PC directly and, therewith, provides them with the opportunity to download and install malware, manipulate your system settings and spy for personal data. However, Microsoft will not call to warn you of a potential viral infection and offer support for free. Microsoft is not ignorant of the scam and was quick to publish an article on their investigation into the matter on their windows blog.

For further information see our blog article on PC doctor scam

We count on you in the struggle against phone spam and scam! We need you to share vital information about fraudulent phone numbers.

Take care,
Your Tellows Team


The tellows Score – What is it and what does it do?


tellows score 1-9Essentially tellows percieves itself as a voice for the victims of spam and scam calls. Not only does tellows provide a platform where users can exchange their experience and knowledge but also tellows offers the opportunity to rate the telephone numbers in order to mark dubious numbers so their fraudulent ways will become obvious for everyone. A tellows score of 1 indicates a reliable number whereas a rating of 9 implies a most dubious number. The more negative comments, the higher the numbers rating. The score itself is hereby provided by an complex and extensive algorithm that considers various factors and user opinions in order to categorize the nature of the call adequately. Therewith, it allows all tellows users to spot the trustworthiness of the telephone number in an heartbeat.

tellows score

If you have knowledge of a dangerous number we implore you to share it with your fellows who suffer the same unnerving calls. After all, it is knowledge that prevents the scammers’ and fraudsters’ success!

Other tellows Features

By accessing the tellows website or directly in the iPhone or Android app, you can find out who called, find out where the number is from and read reports from other users. If there is a risk of the call being a trap, you can identify it directly on the screen of your cell phone avoiding discomfort and danger of falling into telephone fraud.

With the tellows app, community comments are integrated into the list of suspicious numbers and, whenever you receive a message from an unknown number, the tellows score will appear on your phone screen.

Tellows also allows the user to register as a member and can create personal block lists and add unwanted numbers that are not yet in the tellows score or that are not a public threat. In this case, even if the number ranking in the ranking is positive due to other evaluations, it will be identified as dangerous when you receive a call. In addition, you can block it even before the phone rings using the premium version of the tellows app.

By logging into the application, all numbers that you have commented negatively on the website or the app itself are imported and immediately transferred to your personal block list, even if the final grade is not between 7 and 9 in the ranking. Your list does not depend on the ratings of other users. The block list can be used on any device where the app is installed, in any tellows product just login.

In addition, as a registered user, your comments cannot be removed without careful review by the tellows team. Before removing it, the team will contact you to clarify any doubts. Registered users are also allowed to edit their comment after posting.

Becoming a member is quick and easy and allows you to try the premium version of the tellows app at no cost for a month. Try it!

Take care!


Your Tellows Team!


tellows Heatmap – Which Regions Suffer the Most Persistent Spam/Scam Calls?


What’s the tellows Heatmap?

It shows the regions which are constantly called by the respective phone number.

Where does the information come from?

Thanks to your help and the number of your search requests we are able to create a daily heatmap of the locations suffering most heavily from spam and scam calls. On this map you can see the hotspots this number is focusing on. Moreover, you can make out if there are other people around you recieving the same unnerving calls.

Apart from the details on the individual phone numbers there’s overview on numbers activity in the last 24 hours. For the UK heatmap click here; the US heatmap you can find here.

Feel free to express your thoughts on our services. Submit suggestions and feedback via a comment.

Take care!

Your Tellows Team!


Check out the number statistics on tellows


Good News Everyone!

Another new feature has been implemented on tellows – statistics on search requests!

You’ll find this feature on the detail page of the respective number as soon as sufficient search requests have been placed. Just click on the button “Search requests for this phone number” to open a chart containing additional information on the number.The period under observation may be changed from one day to 3 month in order to provide an overview on the number’s activity.

As example serves the UK number 01613128082.
Its 1803 search requests contribute enough data to allow a valid statement regarding its acitvity. As we can see its activity is slightly receding.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding this feature then feel free to contact us.

Take care!

Your Tellows Team!


How-to: Email Feature on Tellows


Hello tellows friends!

You are interested in staying up to date? No problem! Check out our email feature. It provides news on unknown telephone numbers as soon as new information is available.

That’s how it works:

1. Go to the comment form of the respective number and check:

[]I’d like to be notified if there’s news regarding this number.

2. Enter your email address as well as the desired frequency of reception.

3. Submit comment.

From now on you’ll be notified once additional information on this number is available.

Have fun and take care!

Your Tellows Team!