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“We call about your extended car warranty” – Will It Ever Stop?


Let’s be honest, any scam call is annoying and we would gladly spend our time with more pleasant matters. But one caller type that is a never-ending story is the person calling about your car warranty. You might not even have a car, but keep getting calls about your car warranty and insurance.

car warranty contract

What do they want?

It’s a robocall classic and seems to be one of the most reported types of spam calls. Of course, you may have a car and you may have a warranty, but do you know the status? How to determine whether the call is an actual scam call or legitimate?
Calls about car warranties often come from call centers or directly as a robocall with no real person at the other end of the line. They impost your car dealer or insurance company and inform you about your expired warranty and try to sell you new ones. They don’t know your real warranty and they are not affiliated with your car dealer. The only goal is to make you feel anxious about your warranty expiration and to cover you quickly, they offer a new warranty contract with crucial conditions.
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Voting scams during the 2020 election – be aware of robocalls


It is not a secret that phone calls are an exemplary marketing technique to earn voters. They are not just part of a presidential election, but especially in the months before the election those campaigns reach their peak. And with those, many fraudsters sniff their chance to get in contact with people and scam them on the behalf of the election. We report about the most common scams and what you can do to avoid them.

election 2020 robocall

Just in July this year we reported that the U.S. Supreme Court held up a rule for the long-awaited ban of robocalls to mobiles in context to political advertisement among others. While in 2015 it was paused for exceptions, the majority of the court voted for an ongoing ban of robocalls.

While the FCC already ruled the limitation of automated calls and texts as well as pre-recorded voice calls referring to political campaigns to mobile phones without prior consent, many US citizens still encounter robocalls without giving consent. While there are lots of genuine calls about political campaigns, scammers are always taking their chance to make money out of credulous citizens.

Different kinds of political scam calls

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Coronavirus Scam – What you need to know!


We are all experiencing an unprecedented pandemic worldwide and it makes us more vulnerable toward scammers, as we all care about our health and are looking for the latest update of the coronavirus. How scammers are taking advantages of the pandemic? As we are desperate for information of the virus, scammers are now trying all they can. Let’s have a look at the following example, stay safe from the virus and also the scammers!

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How to know if the call is a Tax Scam?

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The IRS scam is frustrating, but we would like to inform you about the tax scam season again. It is back, and the scammers are continuously trying new methods. In 2019 the total loss of tax preparers reported to FTC is amounted to $7.3M with a median loss of $518, and the top contact method by scammers is by phone. How do we protect ourselves from the scammers?

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Smishing – the SMS Spam Message

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We hope you had a wonderful start of 2020! As it is almost February, tellows would like to inform you about the latest phone fraud. Smishing, which is also known as SMS scam, has been raising concern in the US, as many reported that scammers sent endless text messages to trick them. Therefore, tellows also added a new caller type for you to choose from when reporting a spam call – the SMS Spam.

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Beware of the Black Friday Scam

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tellows would like to inform you about the latest threats of Black Friday! Christmas is coming and it is time to shop for our loved ones, however, we also have to protect ourselves from the scammers.

Below let’s have a look at the most common holiday scams: please don’t fall victim to them!
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Mothers Know Best, but these Scammers Just Knew the Right Buttons to Push

FacebooktwitterredditpinteresttumblrmailTwo consecutive incidents happened recently in Massachusetts subjecting two mothers under terrifying situations allegedly involving their kids.

Theresa, a mother from Revere, received a call in the middle of a snow storm in December. The caller said his cousin has the pistol to her daughter’s head and that they would kill her if she will not cooperate and follow their instructions. “He said, ‘Listen to me carefully, I have your daughter.’ He knew everything about her,” says a Revere mom named Theresa. The caller was asking for $1,000.

Similar incident happened to Laura while she was at work Monday last week in Lynnfield. She received a call informing her that her 14-year old son damaged his car in an accident and that he would be shot unless she transfers $2,000.

In both situations, the scam artists knew about the victims’ family details, like names, the kids’ school, outfit and physical apperance of the “alleged” kidnapped son and daughter.

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