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It is already mid July! tellows hopes that you have a good start of the summer. In the last article, tellows shared information about the Bill of ‘Traced Act’ being passed in the Senate. Although we are now getting more and more help in preventing spam calls, caller ID and call blocking apps continue to be important!

In the US, half of the phone calls people received are considered to be spam calls. According to FTC, in 2019, 78% of frauds are conducted by phone and the total reported loss is 83M USD. Till July this year, there are already 143K reports of phone frauds. However, compared to last year with a total loss of phone frauds estimated to be 442M USD, we can already see that the measures adopted are helpful and it is promising that one day we will no longer have to deal with spam calls!

Screenshot from FTC report

This time, tellows wants to share some pictures provided by FTC, and the first one is ‘how to stop receiving spam calls on mobile phone’! As, nowadays, most of us are attached to our smartphones all the time, it is essential for us to know the basics so we can defend ourselves from phone scams.
All the following pictures are from FTC.

Besides knowing the right way to block the spam calls, please take a look at the following pictures about Robocalls and Caller ID spoofing!

Robocall is one of the most notorious phone scams so far, as it is ran by computer, therefore hundreds of thousands of robocalls can be dialed in a short period. Also it is useless for us to register on Do not Call Registry regarding to robocalls, as they are mostly generated in foreign countries, which makes it extra hard to put these criminals behind bars. Moreover, most scammers who performed robocalls are also using fake caller ID – as known as Caller ID spoofing. Here is how it works:

Robocall is one of the most serious issues we are dealing with nowadays, as it generates a revenue loss and disturbs people’s daily life. As tellows always says sharing is caring, we can defend ourselves from phone scams hand in hand! It is important that you have at least one caller ID or call blocking app downloaded to stay away from robocalls! Check out the tellows app and enjoy one month free premium of tellows Android app if you are a registered user on tellows!

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