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This Week’s Top 3 Nuisance Callers


Dear friends of tellows,

we have another update on the most wanted numbers on tellows. The following three numbers were the one most searched for the past few days:

1. 6302881777 with 2 comments and 922 search requests. tellows Score: 7
2. 3233319189 with 7 comments and 1075 search requests. tellows Score: 8
3. 4804212803 with 2 comments and 550 search requests. tellows Score: 7

Ranking on our first place, the number 6302881777 from Hindsdale received a tellows score of 7 and has been active for several years. While users complaint that the number calls at all hours, Erica shared:

That is the sales department from comcast! Only advertising!

Our second number, 3233319189 has been making calls from Los Angeles. According to our users, the caller tries to intimidate by making apparently false accusations and posing as debt collection company or as police. Moreover, in some cases the caller seemed to have personal information about the person being called. User Heather commented:

This number called me at work today. The guy said that I owed for an unpaid loan, which I know is bull..however, he has my bank card name, last four of my social, and my full name! I asked him why the BBB has never heard of them, and I was hung up on.

Calling from Phoenix, Arizona, our third place, number 4804212803 has been reported as scam. While one user voiced suspicions about a possible lottery scam, user lateriser3 has found a way of dealing with the persistent caller:

They keep on calling and will not take no for an answer so I just hangup and put them on my reject list.

To know what phone numbers to put on your reject list, you know the place to look for untrustworthy numbers and if you have any information on suspicious numbers don’t hesitate to contribute to tellows! Other than that, we hope you can enjoy a nice, scam- and spam-free weekend.

Your tellows team!


The 3 Most Annoying Numbers


Dear tellows friends,

our latest update on the most searched for numbers on tellows includes some internationally active numbers as well as some of the usual suspects. So let’s have a look at the top 3 most wanted numbers of the week:

1. 234567890 with 4 comments and 1315 search requests. tellows Score: 8
2. 2562617792 with 2 comments and 1232 search requests. tellows Score: 6
3. +17148680120 with 7 comments and 10835 search requests. tellows Score: 5

Our first number, 234567890, has been active across the Atlantic: perpetuating calls both in the US as well as the UK, users of both tellows sites have reported the phone number as cost trap and marked it dubious with a tellows score of 8. User Chris Wells commented on

I had a call from this number today claiming there was a problem with my e-mail. I demanded the caller’s name and address. He gave me the fictitious details that he was Alan Johns of 49 Levington Gardens, Battersea, LONDON. After telling him I would report him to the Met Police he hung up!

The second number, 2562617792, from Huntsville, Alabama seems to call our users frequently with unknown intentions. Suspecting scam calls, user Jererre wrote:

Got several calls from this number. They never left a message and the first times I answered there was no reply. Then, a lady called me from this number. As I asked her to stop these calls, she acted very nervous, said it was the first time and that I might owe money to someone… and hung up. I don not owe any money to anyone, this can´t be legitimate.

As for our final number from Los Angeles, the telephone number +17148680120 holds a tellows score of 5, thus being classified as “neutral”. However, most users seem to be confused at best about the frequent calls they have been receiving from the number. User Naiwan Abdel Aal‘s comment includes two of the most prevalent questions:

i want to know why you call me by this number? what do you want from me?

If you have any information on this or other numbers that seem suspicious or dubious, don’t hesitate to comment on tellows and share your knowledge with us. Take care and have a nice week!

Your tellows team


Top 3 Most Wanted Numbers


Dear tellows friends,

following another couple of weeks of nuisance calls, we present to you the worst offenders of the moment:

1. 2024813310 with 1 comments and 629 search requests. tellows Score: 5
2. 3018829950 with 2 comments and 723 search requests. tellows Score: 9
3. 7607058888 with 3 comments and 1592 search requests. tellows Score: 8

A lot of annoying calls but very few details are reported for the number 2024813310, ranking on 1st place. Despite a rising interest in the number, user Larry appears to be the only one with any information on the matter:

this number called me several times, when I call back, it says that it is not working….

Similarly harassing calls are made by our 2nd number, 3018829950. The frequent calls are particularly annoying since the caller doesn’t appear to be interested in an actual conversation, often hanging up after a few rings before the call can be answered. User Angela suspects a telemarketing company as the perpetrator:

I just started getting calls from this number, but it only rings twice… It seems to be a computer-initiated call; those loser telemarketing people…

Calls from the 3rd and final number, 7607058888, have lead to comments with differing information: some of our users could neither accept the call in time nor call back as the call was disconnected before the first ringing, others were asked to provide personal information. User AH2013 is especially annoyed by the time the number was calling at:

called at 3:31A this morning.can’t return call to see who or why calling at 3:31A

Here’s to hoping that you won’t receive any nuisance calls this week! – But if you do, don’t hesitate to share your expierences on Tellows to warn other users.

Take care,
Your Tellows Team


The Most Annoying Callers this Week


Dear tellows friends,

It is about time to tell you about the most annoying phone numbers in the US this week. Tellows users were especially searching for the following numbers:

1. 234567890 with 4 comments and 1214 search requests. tellows Score: 8
2. 2149695489 with 2 comments and 481 search requests. tellows Score: 9
3. 2107363080 with 2 comments and 501 search requests. tellows Score: 7

Our first place is the number 234567890. The scammers here use one of the recently most common and unfortunately most effective ways to betray you and get your money. Julian35 reports on it:

A man with a heavy accent claimed to call from “Computer Support Department”. He wanted to fix my computer because he has a virus. I hung up then. Be careful with this number!

As it is not a new scamming method, we already reported on it in our Blog. Also users in the UK commented on this number. Be careful here, this scam is highly dangerous!

The second number this week is apparently kind of creepy. Mary Ann reported:

a call came in and it was a woman who said she was dating my boyfriend and she claimed that he belongs to her now. Surprisingly, she knew our names and everything. the number was traced to a texas land line (dallas). This sounds very bad and i am afraid, does anybody know this crazy woman????

And also donna told us:

creepy guy said i had a sexy voice. first two calls from operator asking if I’ll accept the call..last 4 came from this creepy guy called himself frankie.

If these kind of harassement calls accur, not only from 2149695489, but from other numbers as well, you might of course be anxious, but don’t let them scare you. Never give away your personal information, just threaten to call the police and put the phone down, this might help to keep them away for a while.

What we know about the last number is based on the experience of user Lynnette:

After 5mos. of calling to do a radio-station survey (they will only talk to specific people in the home)I finally asked them to quit calling because nobody they were asking for wanted to do the survey! They are still calling! I WILL be contacting the phone co. and police about harassment charges.

Opinion and market research centers often use the phone, as it requires less time and staff to achieve as many valid answers as needed. Although they mostly have more rights in what they do, they sometimes strech the patience of the callees. Try to tell them as clear as you can, that you do not wish to get called again. You can also hand in a written explanation for that. If they still keep calling you, you can complaint and take action. Have a look at your rights here.

your tellows team!


Same matter, different week: The new Top 3


Just before the weekend we would like to present you our new Top 3 of the most wanted telephone numbers on!

1.) 5707068800 from Wayne with a tellows Score of 8
2.) 6369251746 from an unknown place with a tellows Score of 9
3.) 6302881777 from Hinsdale with a tellows Score of 7

The previous weeks 2nd place is our winner today. 5707068800 from Wayne is still evaluated with a score of 8 and were searched almost 600 times now! Tellows-User Lea told us that she suspects a scam because of the following reason:

A man on the other end of the line asked for a guy named Eugen Jacobs. I dont know someone with this name and i have had this phone number for many years! So im quite sure that this is a scam!

Place 2 and 3 are a question of aggressive advertising. Place 2 goes to 6369251746 with a score of 9! User Jason identified the caller as the Pisa Group which is a telemarketing company:

A woman who answered the phone said they are the Pisa Group! I told her to remove me from their list, but nevertheless they called again!

Place 3 which goes to 6302881777 from Hinsdale has a tellows score of 7. Like place 2 we are dealing with an advertising telephone number. Erica declared:

That is the sales department from comcast! Only advertising!

So let’s hope that we won’t be harassed on the weekend!
Take care, your Tellows Team!


Our new Top 3 of the most annoying telephone numbers


Following telephone numbers are our new Top 3 of the most annoying ones last week:

1. 234567890 from an unknown place with a tellows Score of 8
2. 5707068800 from Wayne with a tellows Score of 8
3. 6518293110 from Minnesota with a tellows Score of 8

All numbers of the Top3 were scored with an average of 8 but 234567890 were definitely the most annoying one. Users searched more than 600 times for this number. Julian35 tried to warn us:

A man with a heavy accent claimed to call from “Computer Support Department”. He wanted to fix my computer because he has a virus. I hung up then. Be careful with this number!

5707068800, our second place, comes from Wayne. Users Ryan and amy complained about the rudeness of the callers:


These people called and were very rude, I found out that this number belongs to American Credit & Collections in PA.


Now i try to call them back repeatedly and they just keep hanging up. Really ???? What kind of collections company is this???? VERY RUDE!

Our attentive users know our third place very well. It’s again 6518293110 from Minnesota. Still beware of this number and never give any information to them!

That’s it from the last 7 days. Have a nice weekend,

your tellows Team!


The Top 3 of the most wanted US Numbers on


After a short break we are glad to show you the current Top 3 of the most annoying telephone numbers of this week now.

And the winners are:

2144469818 from Dallas; tellows Score: 8
6518293110 from Minnesota; tellows Score: 8
6092790110 from Princeton; tellows Score: 6

The tellows Score average of 7 shows that our users feel disturbed by these numbers. Their comments tell us why.
Rank one goes to a number from Dallas. The user frustrated at work identified the caller and wrote about his experiences:

This number calls our work place and wants to speak with an owner or office manager. They are calling from regarding advertising. No matter how many times I tell them I’m not interested and to please not call they go on calling. It’s frustrating.

He wrote this comment 2 years ago, which seems to be very interesting, because user Janine added another comment this week about the same number. Both of them voted with the Score 9, so obviously we can’t trust this number!

Rank 2, which goes to 6518293110 from Minnestoa, was the winner of the Top 3 last October. It has been searched more than 1800 times now. Due to the comments of our users we have to warn you. The caller tries to get your money by claiming that you are selected for a $1 Million Dollars win. Don’t tell them any information about you!

Number 6092790110 from Princeton is ranked on the 3rd place. User Beachboy complains about harassment:

Called in the middle of the night and i screamed in the phone, still calling, why dont they give up?

Probably they won’t give up, never! But by sharing our experiences we can try to stop them. So let’s see what will happen next week.

Take care, your Tellows Team!


The US Top 3 Annoying Numbers


1. 6518293110^from Minnesota – St. Paul with a tellows score of 8
2. 2143965554 from Allen with a tellows score of 8
3. 18883263482 with a tellows score of 9

Congratulations! You’ve just won 1 Million Dollars!! or did you?? User Amber share her experience with our 1st number:

„They called me saying that I was selected to win $1 million dollars and at first it sounded reasonable but as the phone call progressed it was clear it was a scam. They wanted to know my bank and if I had a Visa Master Card. Then they tried to get me to buy magazines. I tried to decline and someone hung up on me. I called back to reassure I wasn’t going to recieve or end up paying for something I didn’t ask for and I was informed I wouldn’t. I should have just hung up I know, but I’m young and made a dumb mistake. Since this phone call, people have been calling my around the clock. „

The 2nd number is a confused telemarketer as user Giulio Moro points out

„Person calls and leaves message that they spoke to me last week about reducing my credit card payment interest when I never spoke to anyone there about anything. Fraud or incompetence? „

If you get a call from the 3rd number 18883263482 please contact the police, it seems to be a man with an indian accent claiming you owe money, he asks for your social security number and if resisted starts to curse and threaten, so if you see this number don’t even pick up.

That was our report for this week

Kind regards!
Team Tellows


Neverending Spam – The US Top 3 Spam Numbers


Here are the most annoying spam numbers that have been harassing US citizens during the last week:

1. 3604615083 from Port Angeles with a tellows score of 7
2. 7574479265 from Norfolk with a tellows score of 8
3. 07788209043 mobile phone number with a tellows score of 9

Luckily, the phone preacher did not return so far and, of course, we hope that our work contributed to make an end to this nuisance.

But there are other spammers and scammers only waiting for you to pick up the phone. Both numbers on rank 1 and 2 were one rank lower last week.

There are no new reports on last week’s spam number 1. The only thing we can say for sure is that this is an automated dialer.

We have got very useful comments on the scammer on rank 2. Everybody watch out, this is a number phishing for information!

TH3 reported:

Text sd Please contact 7574479265 BofA 435603XX Card Issue. I don’t have a BofA card. Sounds fishy to me.

Mad in Dallas added:

Scam trying to get Bank of America account information. New version of scam tried about 2 weeks ago.

And finally mchoate had fun with this number:

someone that is trying to get debit/credit card numbers. it is a scam. I called BOA. they took the information. when you call the number back it ask for you to put in your cc/dc. I had fun with it and just put in random numbers… about 50 times! Then I BLOCKED their text.

Did the PPI scam wave already reach the US? So far, we have only heard of this happening in the UK. The 3rd most wanted spam number is offering clients to claim back money from their PP-insurance. Read more about this scam method on our UK blog.

Kind regards!

Team Tellows


3 Numbers That Harassed You The Most – Weekly Update


And here we go again with last week’s 3 most annoying spam numbers:

1. 0016466166770 from New York with a tellows score of 5
2. 3604615083 from Port Angeles with a tellows score of 7
3. 7574479265 from Norfolk with a tellows score of 8

Well, seems as if our campaign against the phone preacher was successful. There were no new reports on last week’s spam number 1. However, another candidate in the telemarketing scam business took its place. There were reports about the green card scam going on over this number. But obviously the aim of these calls turned out to be phishing.

User Patt wrote the following comment weeks ago already:

She (Amely Johnson) called me and told me I HAVE WON A GREEN CARD LOTTERY and I have to pay $500. She even asked my VISA or Master Card number.

Rank two goes to an automated dialer of a company situated in Port Angeles that is giving silent calls. So we can be curious with what kind of offers the number is going to amuse people all over the country.

And another phishing number on rank 3, which is not only calling but also texting in order to gain confidential personal information. User TH3 wrote a helpful comment:

Text sd Please contact 7574479265 BofA 435603XX Card Issue. I don’t have a BofA card. Sounds fishy to me

Thank you for providing us with the worst spam and scam numbers! Together, we are strong!

Take care,
Your Tellows Team